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Every year companies lose 20-30% of their revenue doing work, about work. 24 minutes every hour is lost to redundant, non-revenue driving activity and it’s burning teams out.

Your team can work smarter.

When good tools meet great process empower and optimize your team.
Your tech stack should work harder than you do. 

What We Do

At Stackrie we design data for humans, integrate software platforms, and train your team so you work transparently, efficiently, and asynchronously. Or as we like to say around here, Work Smarter. 

Our projects create exponential returns by reducing friction, minimizing stress, and eliminating time wasted by employees on inefficient communications and admin tasks.

Why We Do it

Our heart is to partner with businesses to design lasting, scalable solutions. We all know what it's like to show up at work and get stuck in redundant, draining, cycles. We've felt the frustration of wasting good talent on doing all the things but getting nothing done. 

We want to fill the gap between businesses and the softwares designed to help them because we know that good systems mean that people can invest in good work.

Who it's for

Stackrie equips high-yield teams with optimized, affordable, no-code tools. We blend technology with ideas, software with processes, and teams with data–all to transform day-to-day work.

You should work with Stackrie if:

You want to optimize remote/distributed work management.
You want to retain great talent.
You need a platform that your whole team can work comfortably in.
You are ready to leverage AI & automation without hiring an entire IT department.
You want an efficient team in Airtable, ClickUp, Coda, Fibery or Notion.
You are ready to build an effective business management solution for your team.

Our Specialties:

Project Management for Distributed Teams

Business Reporting Dashboards

Client Portals and Dashboards

Knowledge and Resource Management Wikis

Accounts Receivable & Payable Trackers

Time & Cost Reporting Systems

A few Organized & Automated systems we build

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An Integrated Business Dashboard

With our Systems Audit, we can help your team implement a core dashboard where you can keep track of everything happening in your business, across multiple tools.

Feature Options
Sales Pipeline
Invoice Tracking
Accounting & Payroll
Client Portals
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A Custom Sales CRM

Because Salesforce isn't the one-size-fits-all solution for every team.
We have expertise in tools like Airtable, Coda, and Fibery that can help you build a custom, affordable CRM to accomplish your goals. Whether it’s for recruiting, email marketing, or donor tracking

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What Our Clients Say

“This [VIP Day] was awesome. I’m so excited about workflows! This was very helpful. You have clearly demonstrated your expertise in this. Thanks for your invaluable information.”
Tiffany Spencer
- Esor Consulting Group
"I love how you [Enoma] framed the importance of getting organized. I never imagined that I'd be giddy after a systems/tool call...this is going to help make life easier for everyone."
Brandi Olson
  —  Insight Swallow
"We enjoyed working with Enoma, she was friendly and knowledgeable - definitely someone we could imagine being friends with in real life!"
Liana rosenberg
  —  Final Framepost