Our Story

About Stackrie

Stackrie is a Digital Operations Agency

We empower high-yield, small teams to Work Smarter. We believe that tailoring data, automation, and technology to business strategy is the path to efficient operations.

We partner with clients to humanize data, integrate software platforms, and train teams to work digitally and efficiently.

I started consulting small businesses in 2019 to fill the gap between overwhelmed businesses, and the software designed to help them. Stackrie was founded on the belief that automation can unlock unprecedented growth and stability for small businesses.

Founder of Stackrie

The Mission

Our mission is to transform day-to-day operations by strategically solving interconnected problems.

Services Completed

Our services integrate technology with workflows, so our clients experience less stress, quicker processes, and more reliable outcomes.


Happy Clients

We serve high-yield teams with invested and capable managers ready to lead the charge to adopt optimized and streamlined technology at work. 


Years of Experience

Our expertise in data modeling, database design, software development, and management consulting powers better IT solutions.


Why Us?

Going Beyond the Tools

Stackrie works with Directors and Executives to curate hardware, software, and procedures. We provide technical direction to business leaders to ensure successful tech adoption. 

With Stackrie, you have the peace of mind knowing our strategies are designed holistically. Our broad expertise creates more effective solutions than those of specific platform experts or general business coaches.

Our solutions using 1Password, Airtable, Coda.io, Fibery, Make, and Notion have unlocked efficiency and scalability for over 35 businesses. 

Stackrie works with

  • Small & Micro Businesses
  • Schools & Universities
  • Foundations
  • Agencies
  • Startups
  • Venues
  • Any High Yield Team


Our Clients

Our clients are proof that small teams thrive when operations integrate with technical solutions. 

We're Always Looking For New Collaborators

We want empower small teams with low & no-code technology. Want to join us?