NYC IT & Operations Consultants

Digital Solutions for High-Yield Teams

Our ops management consulting helps small teams accomplish large goals without friction. We optimize teams and enhance business efficiency through digital transformation.
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Untangling Business Complexity

Where Ops Meets Tech

Our specialty is the intersection of operations and technology, resolving challenges that result in widespread inefficiencies.

We identify the root causes of issues, to optimize people, processes, and platforms. Then we coach leaders in digital transformation to ensure successful tech adoption.


Powering Transformation

Real Solutions for Interconnected Problems

Stackrie transforms businesses for the digital age by humanizing data, integrating software, and training teams for efficient, clear, and asynchronous work. This includes:

  • Reporting Pipelines & ETL
  • Dashboards (Finance/Operations/Sales)
  • Custom CRM Implementation
  • Project Management Solutions
  • Microsoft 365 Training
  • Secure Information Management 
  • Knowledgebase & SOP Management
  • Hardware Selection & Optimization
  • Platform Integrations (Direct/Zapier/Make)

Who We Serve

Empowering Small Teams for Big Impact

We serve small, high-performing teams (<50) with capable managers determined to lead streamlined operations. Our clients range from Solopreneurs to Conglomerate Executives with a common set of beliefs:

Our Partners

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About Stackrie

Hi there, I’m Enoma!

As a digital native with over 20 years in web development, Systems Engineering and IT Management expertise, and Business Administration degree, I founded Stackrie on the belief that automation can unlock unprecedented growth and stability for small businesses.

Stackrie’s heart is to partner with businesses to design lasting, scalable solutions. We want to fill the gap between businesses and the softwares designed to help them because we know that good systems mean that people can do great work. 

Our Partners

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Let's Unlock Your Full Potential

At Stackrie we are committed to providing tailored solutions and comprehensive support to empower your team's journey towards success.

Don't Take It From Us

What Our Clients Are Saying

"This [VIP Day] was awesome! I’m so excited about workflows! This was very helpful. You have clearly demonstrated your expertise in this. Thanks for your invaluable information.”



Tiffany Spencer
Esor Consulting Group

I love how you [Enoma] framed the importance of getting organized. I never imagined that I'd be giddy after a systems/tool call...this is going to help make life easier for everyone.



Brandi Olsen
Insight Swallow

We enjoyed working with Enoma, she was friendly and knowledgeable - definitely someone we could imagine being friends with in real life!



Liana Rosenberg
Final Framepost